We are proud to be among the top schools in San Jose Unified School District (SJUSD) for parent involvement and volunteers. The  contributions of our volunteers are essential to the educational experience education of our students. We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities whether you have 1 hour or many to give. We have jobs for every skill level and passion. We request that all families volunteer for 1 one-hour shift at Walkathon and 1 one-hour shift at Family Fun Night.

Registering as a Volunteer With SJUSD

Before you can volunteer on campus during school hours at Booksin, you will need to register as a volunteer with SJUSD.

New volunteers should register here (scroll down to the Volunteers section). Registering as a new volunteer takes several weeks and involves getting a TB test and being fingerprinted, so it's best if you start early!  

Returning volunteers are required to complete an online application each school year if you plan to be on campus during school hours.

Finding Volunteer Opportunities

All of our volunteer opportunities are listed in Konstella, where you can see the details about each job, the time commitment required, and the skill set required. Volunteer opportunities range from a big time commitment, such as a BESCA Board position or an event chair, to small time commitments of 1 hour per month. Some of our most popular volunteer roles are below! 

Stay tuned to find out how to volunteer for the 2018-2019 school year. Details on how to sign up will be available as soon as the school year begins. In the meantime, Contact Us with questions.

In Class Volunteers

In lower grades (TK-2), most teachers request parent volunteers to serve in the classroom several mornings per week to help with groups that rotate through different stations. Typically these positions are once a week or every other week for the duration of the school year. While it is a significant time commitment (2-3 hours/week), it's also a great way to get to know your child's classmates and see what their classroom is like! 

In addition, there are several other volunteer options for all grades that also allow you to work in your child's classroom but only require 1-3 hours/month. Some of the most popular include art docents, garden helpers, library assistants, and Cornerstone readers. Room parents also help plan class parties and celebrations without a big time commitment. 

Behind the Scenes

We have many volunteer opportunities if you prefer to work behind the scenes. Most of our programs rely on volunteer time to operate. Depending on what you like to do, you can clip box tops, prep art materials, follow up on corporate matching, organize teacher treats, organize a dining night out, and MUCH more! You can also serve as a Grade Level Coordinator and help organize social events for parents in your grade level and help mobilize parent volunteers from your grade.

Event Volunteers

Our community events always require a significant number of volunteers to run smoothly. If you're attending an event, why not spend an hour helping make sure the event runs smoothly? 

Program Chairs

Many of BESCA's programs and events are run solely by volunteers. If you're looking for a bigger opportunity to volunteer, a program or event chair is a great place to look! Our whole school events, Walkathon and Family Fun Night, require a chair each year and depend on a team of volunteers to oversee each area of the event. Ongoing programs such as art, garden, and Cornerstone also require a chair each year. We also have smaller chair roles for movie nights, teacher appreciation, mileage club, and more. 


Our Executive Board is made up of volunteers, and being on the board is a great way to be involved in shaping the direction of the programs BESCA provides. Most board positions require a 1 year commitment; 3 require a 2 year commitment.