Inaugural Booksin Amazing Race

April 21, 2018

Be part of the first Booksin Amazing Race! Teams of 4 adults will follow clues from one station to the next to the final destination. Along the way, teams earn points for completing challenges and finishing quickly. Willow Glen Elementary and St. Christopher both host their own Amazing Races, and it is one of their most popular community events! Anyone involved with the event also gets to come to the afterparty!  

All proceeds go directly to BESCA to support programs such as science, art, music, Recess 101, field trips, and much more!

There are 2 ways to participate:

Host an Amazing Race Station

Hosting a Station is one of the easiest ways to get involved in the race. Host at your home or partner with a local business (we’ll help you find one). We will give you the theme, then you choose a challenge and provide whatever the teams need to complete the challenge. You can be entertained by the teams as they come through and try to complete your challenge!

Host a Station
Form an Amazing Race Team

Grab some friends and form a team! Each team has 4 adult members. We’ll let you know the theme in March so you can come up with your team name and costumes.

Form a Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of skills do our team members need in order to race?
No specific skills required, though you will be doing a lot of walking/running or biking between stations. Each challenge will be unique and will require different sets of skills, but they should all be skills that a typical adult would have.

What kind of challenges can we expect?
Challenges will be up to the station hosts, but examples include walking on a plank across a pool, bobbing for apples, flipping tortillas into a sombrero with flippers on your feet, building Lego castles, trivia questions, putting together a craft, and many more. Challenges will be fun and should make you laugh and discover hidden talents!

How long will the race take?
Race will start after lunch and take approximately 4 hours. Racers and station hosts are then welcome to join the after party.

Is there alcohol involved?
Station hosts may choose whether to have alcohol available at their station. Some challenges may offer alcohol, but participants will not be forced to drink alcohol if they don’t want to participate in that part.

As a station host, how do I come up with an idea for my station?
If you search for “Local Amazing Race Ideas” on Google or Pinterest, you’ll get lots of ideas of challenges you can use at your station. Our race team is also happy to help you form your challenge.

Can I host a station without using my own house?
Yes! Our race team would be happy to help you find a partner business or other individual to work with to hold your station. If you want to volunteer without being a station host, we will gladly put you to work!

What do the winners get?
Bragging rights for winning the first ever Booksin Amazing Race! Prizes will be given for team with the most points, best team costumes, and possibly one or two more surprises.

Can my kids participate?
Kids are welcome to participate at a station if there is no alcohol being served. Kids are not allowed on teams. The race is geared for adult participation, but we’re happy to have kids cheering along the way and helping with non-alcoholic station challenges!